Wally VTA Gauge

"The Vertical Tracking Angle" (VTA) is another very important parameter during playback of Analog Vinyl Record. It has audible effect on final musical performance. The most popular adjustment of VTA is performed by moving the tonearm bearing up or down until arm tube is parallel to the record. It is very approximate method.
The Wally VTA Gauge allows alignment of top surface of the cartridge to be perfectly aligned parallel to the thinnest and thickest vinyl record in your collection. Having those two reference points, the Wally VTA Gauge will always alow changing VTA as well coming back to the "Reference VTA" position of your tonearm.
More details will be available soon in the "Wally VTA Gauge Instruction Manual".

Enjoy " Tweaking of analog playback front end system"
Instruction information is avaible in PDF-form. Click on the icon below.