Wally's Vinyl Corner

1. All orders from USA and rest of the World please direct to :
Wally Malewicz
WAM Engineering
247 Cherry Hill Alcove
Hamel, MN 55340
ph/fax: USA-763-478-6685

2. All orders from: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and all Eastern
Europe Countries please direct to order i Veteran HiFi


---------New Wally Tractor Universal... $250.-

--------------------Wally Phono Burn-in System... $200.-

Wallytractor Mk II $149.-

Wally VTA Gauge $149.-
Wally Skater $149.-
Wally Scales:
Electronic 0.1gram $99.-
Electronic 0.01gram $149.-
Mechanical 0.025gram $99.- available
WallyAnalog Shop Standard $399.-
WallyAnalog Shop Deluxe $524.-
Tuning Kit for JMW 10/10.5/12/12.5/12.6 $345


- USA Orders $5.- for Priority Mail with Confirmation
International Orders $20.- min for Global Express
Discount: - 2 Items - free Shipping (in USA only)
- 3+ Items - 10% off and free Shipping (in USA only)