Wally's Vinyl Corner


* W.C.T.S.P. - Wallys Complete Turntable Setup Procedure
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 "Wally Malewicz (L) - WAM Engineering, and Michael Fremer (R) -
Stereophile/Analog Corner during presentation of Stereophile Awards for
2002 Products of the Year at CES in Las Vegas.
Wally Phono Tools received Award in 2002 Joint Accessories."

M.S.Analog System is introducing "WALLYS VINYL CORNER".
The intension of this page is to help all the music lovers who still play
vinyl records to get maximum performance from the cartridge,
tonearm and turntable playback system.
As most of us know, the performance of front end of vinyl
record playback system depends on:
Correct alignement of stylus/cantilever assembly for optimal
Horizontal Tracking Geometry.
2 Optimum alignment of stylus/cantilever assembly
Vertical Tracking Angle.
3 Optimum adjustment of tonearm AntiSkating.
4 Correct adjustment of Vertical Tracking Force.
5 Adjustment of stylus/cantilever/coils assembly for optimum Azimuth
(even/best cross talk between channels).
6 Correct adjustment of turntable rotational speed (33.33 RPM).
For all above adjustments we will be offering very helpfull tools:
  - WallyTractor
  - WallyVTAGauge
  - WallyScale - Electronic 0.1g; 0,05g; 0.01 gramWallySkater
  -Mechanical 0,025 gram
  - WallyAnalog Shop with Azimuth and Turntable RPM measurement/adjustment